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My tribute to the one I found and lost 

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We’ll Meet Again

When I review the passages of time, retrieving hours long lost in memory, I read once more the pages of my prime, and I relive a life that used to be. I think about the girl who changed my life,... Continue Reading →

My Angelic Dream Walker

Whether terra cotta plaster, or plain papier mache ... my mind will recreate you a thousand times a day. Oftentimes, I linger in dreams of passion spent, envisioning hot interludes that reincarnate bold intent. Thus tender smiles ... caressing ...... Continue Reading →


Smile serenades silence, enchanting echoes of you that still lingers within, to fan the flame in my heart with warm thoughts of you Heart drenches in raindrops aflamed in passion, petrichor of fervid essence blanches my mind, your thoughts parches... Continue Reading →

Yet Again

Yet I unfolded my languid eyes and sun still coruscated blithe. Afar nights of then and morrow, aglowing intrepid this moment. Spring had begoned with zephyrs, wan brumes had dappled the azure. And then to the whisper of moment, they... Continue Reading →


Heart drenches in showers of chromatic multitudes, blithe and blight hues meld alike sherbet. They dapple rivulets of mind, shrouded with tacit brume, blossoming alike rainbows or murky clouds in my zenith. Broken apart from syllables, those hues are spring... Continue Reading →

Paper Boats

Afloat upon the rivulet of life, we are frail, pellucid paper boats, slowly drifting and faltering along, the deluge of unfathomable depths. On the mercy of turbulent tides, we tiptoe along the riant, blind, coveting through the tacit brooks, shrouded... Continue Reading →

Crimson Petals

I still caress wilted rose petals, your fingers had caressed once, until my eyes sip the wan crimson, from their decaying remnant. And those pellucid teardrops blotches their effete skin, dappled vermilion blooms, alike the frigid throe of my heart.... Continue Reading →


We watched lover's swoon in a rose petal romance. As with all first kisses her foot popped like champagne bubbles begging her to dance. Exploding like the sunrise painting prisms across the darkest edges of reality and we remember there's... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a shattered heart

I sip at my moonlight confessions whilst the fleeting August winds dance in the threads of my dream catcher Frost bitten winds burnt in the heat of November celebrations caught up in our own wizz and whoosh even sparklers fused... Continue Reading →

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