Say what you say
Do what you do
For nowhere is there a greater version of you.

You owe it to yourself
To leave others confused
A mountain unconquered
It’s peak, your view

Forgive them their word
Embrace the division
For love is a bridge with an invisible equation.

We are all blind to that we can’t see
Love is a mask of infinite complexity

Let the winds be thy voice
To ruffle their feathers
Be open to all yet guard your treasure.

Once upon a time a time was born
Born was a time upon a zero
One led to three as a void got torn
Out of the void breathed life to a hero
Into the word the hero was bound
So off he went to forge a sword
Straight into the serpents mouth
He played a tune on its vocal chords
Hypnotised the serpent heaved and regurgitated an old kings crown
As it dissolved in the serpent venom
The hero knew his sword was found…..
Metaphor I say to thee he gulped this deadly poison down
The sweetest bitter pill you see
Out of the word
No longer bound.

The heroes story never got told
As it sit on top a mountains peak.