When nature awakes
I start to dream
I start to ponder on poetic themeWhen natures awakes
I thank the Master to be alive
Do my best for good words
For better poetry i’ll strive

Be as simple as a puff of morning air
Caress the faces that breathe despair

When dawn awakes

I simply say hello,
To my foe to my fellow
The past is dead
why should i look under by bed

I don’t fear if i keep my breath chiming with nature’s flair
Nature is fair why should i go against the grain,? can’t dare !!!

I say thanks to my foe for being there putting.

His finger on the wound is way to cure.
No harm if i see my hunchback
I have an error bump,

I should not make the blind I.

As nature fades to sleep, i follow the tide
Take a corner and make a whole account
Deeds i did, words i said, good and evil
I might have blindly sunk in.

Then my pillow will caress my head,
Send my body in peaceful voyage
Where all the natures beings
Must one day pilgrim