sunlight, our star’s golden rays

scattered by the mist in the air

and sliced by the ghosts of dead saplings


roses, withered and graying

their fragile veins magnified

by colonies of dewdrops



sweep the dimly lit landscape

they dance on dew-soaked grass

for an instant

and then vanish

as quickly as they appeared



that rare moment when

the sun and the stars

are suspended in harmony

a spray of stardust across a bleeding red sky

with voids of royal purple


a phantom half-moon

hovering in space

just barely visible

past the brilliance of the evening sky


the heat of the day

warms the pavement

after a brutal downpour

one of those beautiful storms

that seems like it will never end

and you’re not sure if you want it to


but it did end

and as the sun bakes the asphalt

the humid air becomes thick with the scent

the sweet, salty sensation

that leaves a bitter taste on your tongue


if heaven doesn’t have nights like this

then I never want to die