The Spiritual Molecule


Crimson Petals

I still caress wilted rose petals, your fingers had caressed once, until my eyes sip the wan crimson, from their decaying remnant. And those pellucid teardrops blotches their effete skin, dappled vermilion blooms, alike the frigid throe of my heart.... Continue Reading →



We watched lover's swoon in a rose petal romance. As with all first kisses her foot popped like champagne bubbles begging her to dance. Exploding like the sunrise painting prisms across the darkest edges of reality and we remember there's... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a shattered heart

I sip at my moonlight confessions whilst the fleeting August winds dance in the threads of my dream catcher Frost bitten winds burnt in the heat of November celebrations caught up in our own wizz and whoosh even sparklers fused... Continue Reading →


They write about pain as though it were a color. As though they could see its darkness rise across the moonless sky, and crawl its way into their hollowed bones. As though they could feel it learn to breathe on... Continue Reading →

winter is coming

I care not for extremes I must confess Where the raging river dwindles to a stream I fall to rest. Blanketed by leaves falling slowly as snow. I know whether wanting or begrudgingly eventually I must go. Winter is coming... Continue Reading →

Night Canvas

deep sapphire painting painting the ancestral birth birth of a billion years travelling travelling to pass by Earth pinpricks of the mysterious mysterious multitudes multitudes of winks and blinks blinks of celestial attitudes comets leaving fiery trails trails writing in... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Trees

Night falls on stark trees, as low dark bark hugs in drifting snow,  insulating. Two eyes sweep in broad wings, alight,  giving moon glowing sight surveying the thin winter woods. The owl sounds an old query: Am I alone? The... Continue Reading →

Small Upon the Strings

Her hands small upon the strings, and he, shut-eyed, leg-crossed, listening traveling in his head with the strings expanding tall in the black cushioned chair sparrow feather falling, glistening brown and grey, sea-sawing plush side to side, up and down... Continue Reading →

Son of Albatross

Scarcely below the clouds, far off this strait The cries of marooned jacks he heard impart An epistle. His alarm as they wailed, Sank in the torrid brine and went unheard. And gulls sailed by without nesting, The kelson of... Continue Reading →

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